The Pittsfield Police Department is warning drivers of Williams Street that if you speed, you are very likely to be pulled over and have a lighter wallet.

In order to enhance safety on the busy street, the PPD has launched a Speed Enforcement Campaign. As the weather continues to get nicer, Williams Street is a popular spot for walkers, runners and cyclists.

"In an attempt to make this roadway safer for all who use it, the Pittsfield Police Deparment will be increasing enforcement on Williams Street," says the PPD on Facebook. "In an effort to remind drivers of the speed limit and to be conscientious of their speeds, message boards and speed signs have been put in place on Williams Street."

In other words, you can't miss them. Do yourselves a favor and drive the speed limit, especially on Williams Street. If you speed, get pulled over and get a ticket, you can't be upset with anyone besides yourself.

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