Berkshire County is filled with many strange and haunted locations. Of course, it's debatable if the locations are really haunted. It depends on who you speak to, what you choose to believe, and/or if you have experienced any paranormal activity yourself.

Some of the well-known haunted attractions include the Hoosac Tunnel, Houghton Mansion, October Mountain State Forest, The Mount, and the creature or monster on Coca-Cola ledge to name a few.

Growing up in North Adams, my friends and I had a ball going out for trick or treat in the neighborhood surrounding Johnson School which is where I lived. We would hit quite a stretch of streets including North Street, Cady Street, Veazie Street, Hathaway Street, Houghton Street, and Frederick Street. If I remember correctly my friends and I, at times, went out as a group unsupervised. It certainly was a different time back then, a simpler time if you will.

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Whenever Halloween season approached especially the actual day of Halloween, my friends and I would discuss the legend at the bottom of the street I lived on and that legend features a haunted wall. There was a house that contained a stone wall (which is still there to this day) on the property and it was dubbed 'Mother's Wall.' According to the legend, every Halloween, "Mother" an apparition of an elderly woman, would haunt the wall by sitting atop of it rocking in a rocking chair where she would be knitting. My friends and I always wanted to go over to the wall late at night on Halloween to see if we could witness "Mother" in action but none of us had the guts to do so.

I wanted to mention this story because it's that time of year but also because it's a little-known Berkshire County legend with little information. I was wondering if you ever heard about or had any additional information about Mother's Wall. While the story of Mother's Wall is most likely a myth, it would be fun and interesting to know if anybody has more details about "Mother" and all of her spooky glory.

Just a reminder, Mother's Wall is on private property, and trespassing will result in prosecution.

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