Another Massachusetts police department is saying a sad farewell to a beloved K9. You may recall our recent article about the Massachusetts State Police saying goodbye to their longtime K9 Rocky. Well, the Springfield Police Department had to say their final goodbyes to their faithful K9 Hades on Monday.

The Springfield Police Department posted on its Facebook page on Monday about their loss...

It is with great sadness that we say our final goodbye to retired Springfield Police K9 Hades.


Hades was put to rest on Sunday afternoon.K9 Officer Raul Gonzalez and K9 Hades began working together in 2014 until his retirement in March 2021.
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The 10-year-old sable-colored German Shephard was trained in narcotics detection, tracking, and evidence recovery.
Springfield Police Department Facebook
K9 Hades remained with Officer Gonzalez until he was put to rest. We thank K9 Hades for his dedicated service.
Springfield Police Department Facebook
Springfield Police Department Facebook


Rest easy, Hades.



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