According to an article posted at, the Berkshire County District Attorney’s office identified the staffer at the Great Barrington special needs school that was arraigned on a charge of rape.  According to the report Douglas Agyeh was arraigned on September 16th in Southern Berkshire District Court.  The charge against Agyeh was on single counts of rape of a child with force, and rape of a child aggravated by a 10-year age difference according to the report.

The special needs school in Great Barrington is operated by Hillcrest Educational Centers Inc., and released a statement according to the WWLP report… “We were shocked and outraged when we recently learned of the alleged sexual abuse of a student by a staff member at one of our residential schools in Great Barrington.”

Additionally, part of the statement posted at by Hillcrest reads… “After reviewing surveillance video, which we collect specifically to deter and detect inappropriate behavior, we reported the suspected abuse.”  The statement went on to say that Hillcrest is cooperating in full with the investigations.

Hillcrest Educational Foundation operates the Brookside Intensive Treatment Unit on Ramsdell Road in Great Barrington.  According to the Hillcrest website the facility teaches and treats those with Autism, the Behaviorally Disordered, Mood Disordered, Emotionally Disturbed, Fire Setters, Learning Disabled, Sex Offenders, and Reactive Attachment Disorder.  Brookside is an all-female school with students ranging from 8 to 21 years of age with a capacity of 26 according to the Hillcrest website.

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