The retail industry continues to struggle and in one Massachusetts city, a popular retail store will be closing its doors very soon.

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The Staples at the Westgate Plaza in Westfield is set to close its doors this Friday, October 6. Staples has been shutting down locations since 2015 and the Westfield location is the latest on the hit list.

There is a Little Bit of an Upside Regarding the Closing of the Westfield Location

While it's true that Staples is closing Westfield along with the fact that employees have been offered positions at neighboring Staples locations, an upside to this closure is that you can get some killer deals prior to the October 6 closing. As a matter of fact, the Westfield location is currently offering a closing-down sale, and most products in the store are marked down by 50 percent.

It May Be Worth Making a Trip to the Westfield Location 

Even if you live in a town or city that has a Staples like Pittsfield, Springfield, Hadley, Great Barrington, Chicopee, or West Springfield (the 1129 Riverdale Street location will now be the closest store to Westfield) it may be worth the extra drive to get some super deals at the Westfield location. You'll need to act fast though because October 6 will be here in a flash.

Staples is based out of Framingham, Massachusetts, and currently operates approximately 1,000 retail locations nationwide. You can find a Staples location near you by going here.

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