After a brief conversation with coach Joe Skutnik on Monday afternoon, Slater and Marjo locked down an interview with State Champions Pittsfield American Little League All-Stars!

These kids represented the City of Pittsfield and Berkshire County with incredible poise and professionalism, if I say so myself. Although typical jokey 12 year-olds at times, these kids displayed humility, respect and great love for the game of baseball on and off the field.

We had a conversation Coach Skutnik and all 11 players who showed up this morning (Aug 15), Cam Zerbato was on family vacation and Antonio Scalise was playing hockey in Montreal. Listen below.



The Pittsfield American Little League All Star team is:

  • Nick Brindle
  • Roshan Warriar
  • Anthony Frieri
  • Evan Blake
  • Ben Cornish
  • Owen Salvatore
  • Jake Duquette
  • Antonio Scalise
  • Ben Jacob
  • Tommy Mullin
  • Cam Sime
  • Walker Abdallah
  • Cam Zerbato


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