Massachusetts residents are known for many things and often our reputation precedes us. Loud, obnoxious, and sometimes aggressive are three adjectives that are often used when describing a stereotypical Massachusetts resident. While that's certainly not the case for everyone, some of us fall into those categories, especially when it comes to our driving.

While New York might have the reputation of being the worst driver in the U.S., I’d like to argue a strong case for the fact that Massholes (hey, it’s in the Oxford Dictionary) really take the cake.

Despite the reputation of Massachusetts drivers, it's not exactly easy to get your license in the Bay State. In fact, it's quite difficult. How difficult? Getting your driver's license in Massachusetts is harder than in every other state, except one.

recent study reports that obtaining a Massachusetts driver's license is the second most difficult license to obtain in the country.

Massachusetts Driver's License Test is the Second Most Difficult in the U.S.

According to the study, Massachusetts received an overall difficulty score of 77/100, coming in behind Washington, which received 80/100. The Utah law firm that conducted the research says they analyzed numerous factors including how difficult the knowledge and driving portions of the test are, license and testing costs, and whether a learner’s permit is required.

So not only is it difficult to obtain a Massachusetts driver's license, but the actual knowledge test itself is the second hardest in the nation. reports that Massachusetts driver's tests have a 72 percent pass rate (meaning 28% of folks who attempt the test fail) the third lowest in the county. Only New York, which has a 70 percent pass rate, performed worse.

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