Hold off on cooking that shrimp you just purchased... at least until you take a good look at the packaging. There’s is a recall from Stop & Shop that might change your dinner plans. I’ve always sort of had this weird thing about raw shrimp anyway. I don’t know if it’s the peeling, the cleaning, or the not knowing if I cooked it long enough, but something about it just doesn’t sit right with me. Not that I won’t eat it, mind you.  

In any case, here is the recall information: 

Stop & Shop is recalling select store brand thawed and frozen cooked shrimp after receiving notification from its supplier of potential for the products to be contaminated with salmonella.

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The affected products are: 

  • 26/30 Cooked Peeled Tail-on Shrimp 1 LB, UPC# 087689100200 or UPC# 68826712345 LOT CODE: AQ-23-2950-1 BEST BY:10/21/2022, LOT CODE:AQ-23-2960-1 BEST BY:10/22/2022 
  • 31/40 Cooked Peeled Tail-on Shrimp 2 LB, UPC#073114965085 or UPC# 68826712348 LOT CODE:AQ-23-2930-1 BEST BY:10/19/2022, LOT CODE:AQ-23-2940-1 BEST BY:10/20/2022, LOT CODE:AQ-23-3180-1 BEST BY:11/13/2022, LOT CODE:AQ-23-3200-1 BEST BY:11/15/2022, LOT CODE: AQ-23-3450-1 BEST BY:12/10/2022, LOT CODE: AQ-23-3470-1 BEST BY:12/12/2022 
  • 31/40 Cooked Peeled Tail-on Shrimp 1 LB, UPC#0688267123474 LOT CODE:AQ-23-3380-1 BEST BY: 12/03/2022, LOT CODE:AQ-23-3390-1 BEST BY:12/04/2022, LOT CODE:AQ-23-3520-1 BEST BY:12/17/2022, LOT CODE:AQ-23-3530-1 BEST BY:12/18/2022 
  • SB 31 40 Cocktail Thaw, PLU#88, SELL CODE#200086482 
  • SB 31 40 Cocktail Thaw, PLU#594, SELL CODE#200086057

Customers who purchased any of these impacted products should not consume it, discard any unused portions, and bring their purchase receipt to a nearby store or call Customer Service at 1 (800) 767-7772 for a full refund. 

Let’s end with a Seinfeld reference, because...  why not. 

“Hey George, the ocean called. They’re running out of shrimp.”  

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