Listen, it's no secret. Everybody is dealing with it. Times are tough. Life is hard. The cost of living just seems to keep going up. And if you're the parent of a child(or children), the situation is probably even worse.

Well, I just came across a study that, unfortunately, probably won't make you feel better. I'm sure many of you are familiar with pregnancy pillows. If you're not, a quick description. Pregnancy pillows are pillows that are designed especially for the contours of the pregnant body. They provide support and help prevent aches and pains.

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A California-based company that manufactures pregnancy pillows, Body Nest, recently released a list of the most and least expensive states to have a baby. They compiled and analyzed certain data to come up with their findings.

Body Nest looked at everything from the cost of childbirth, the cost of childcare over the course of a year, and even yearly average rent increases throughout the 50 states. And what did they find(I'm sure you can see this coming)?

Massachusetts(surprise, surprise!) ranks #1 as the most expensive state to have a baby. The Bay State had the second-highest one-year rate increase average at $4,994(Hawaii was first with $5,747).

Massachusetts didn't do too bad for childbirth cost(several states ranked higher) at $8,782. But it was in the third metric that Massachusetts came out on top, the average cost of childcare for one year, $20,913! Far and away the most expensive. California was at #2, $16,945.

Because Massachusetts came in at #1 and #2 in two out of the three metrics, it was ranked #1 overall. The other four states in the top 5 for most expensive, from #2 to #5 were: California, Alaska, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

And, just for fun, the top 5 least expensive states to have a baby from #5 to #1: Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Alabama. For more on the study, visit Body Nest's website here.

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