News broke last week that Superintendent of Pittsfield Public Schools, Dr. Jason McCandless, was seeking other opportunities in the eastern part of the state.

Although staying in Pittsfield was not out of the question, McCandless felt "in his gut" that it might be time for a change, according to

On Friday morning, Mayor Tyer announced on Slater and Marjo in The Morning that he will remain in Pittsfield as Superintendent.

Slater reached out to McCandless for comment.

I applied in three places interviewed three times and did a great deal of reflection and conversation with many people—most importantly my family. In the end, in spite of visiting three wonderful places, we decided that the Berkshires is home, Pittsfield is home and this is where I need and want to be right now. I feel very fortunate to serve here and and look forward to seeing our third child graduate from the Pittsfield Public Schools, and to keep working in a remarkable community. -Dr. Jason McCandless

McCandless came to Pittsfield in 2013 after being part of the Lee school system for 11 years.

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