Schools around Massachusetts are tasked with keeping their students safe. In this ever-changing world, it feels harder than ever to do that, but school officials do their best. Their priority is to educate students, yes, but safety is of the utmost importance as well.


While we can all agree that keeping children safe is the school's top priority, how far is too far? Where do you draw the line? Over 15 years ago, one Massachusetts school decided that a common schoolyard classic was too dangerous to be played anymore. The game? Tag.

What School in Massachusetts Has Banned Playing Tag at Recess?

In 2006, Willett Elementary School in Attleboro, Massachusetts instituted a new rule that banned the game of Tag on school grounds. Yes, seriously. The then-president of the school's PTO and the school's President enforced the rule sighting children's safety as their top concern.

Apparently, the majority of the school's grounds are blacktop and grassy areas for students to play on are hard to come by. The PTO president said, "roughhousing games" like tag, could lead to collisions and tumbles on the pavement, according to WIS News10. 

Again, we all agree children's safety is the most important, but this seems a little too extreme. Kids are going to be kids, they're going to fall down, they're going to get scraps and bruises, and maybe even some broken bones, but they'll heal. We let kids ride bikes on pavement all day! A little road rash never hurt anyone.

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