It doesn't get any bigger than Taylor Swift at the moment. The international superstar's "Eras Tour" film debuted on its opening weekend with $97 million in ticket sales. It's already the highest grossing concert film ever made.

Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group

Taylor Swift thinks that this Massachusetts spot is "The Most Joyful Place on Earth".

Gillette Stadium!


How is that for marketing?

This was said before she started dating Kansas City Chiefs' star Travis Kelce, so I wonder if Taylor still thinks that.

The Eras Tour Massachusetts

At her stop in Foxborough, MA on May 19th she said of Gillette Stadium (home of the New England Patriots) the super kind words.

Terry Wyatt, Getty Images
Terry Wyatt, Getty Images

The Historic 3.5 Hour Rain Show on May 21 at Gillette


Taylor Swift once owned property in Hyannis, Massachusetts

She bought a seven-bedroom house on Cape Cod in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts in 2012 for $4.8 million, but she later sold it for $5.6 million.

Swift recently made headlines after lending her $30 million Rhode Island to Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid.

Even though Gigi and Bradley have their own properties in New York, they wanted somewhere more private to spend time getting to know each other and Taylor was only too happy to help, the insider added. She said the door to her home is always open for them to use.

Taylor loves New England.

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