As someone that is new to the Berkshires and Pittsfield, to be more specific, one thing I happened to notice as I rolled into town is Hot Harry's Fresh Burritos. Why did this stand out? Because I LOVE burritos! This past weekend was my first since moving here and I was not about to go without experiencing Hot Harry's Fresh Burritos all week.

I'm originally from the Midwest (St. Louis, MO), and more recently have been living out West (Cheyenne, WY), so I must say that burrito joints like this are few and far in between out there. Being new to the northeast, I love that there are new regional spots, such as a Hot Harry's Fresh Burritos franchise that I have the luxury of taking advantage of.

As I was perplexed looking the menu up and down, I also remembered that I need to pace myself with so many amazing options. For my first experience there, I think I made a very tame choice and picked a Chicken Bacon Ranch Burrito from the menu. I ordered it with the spicy chicken and as a lover of cheese, I was sure to get a side of Queso. Not because of the chips that come with the burrito, but to dip the massive burrito that already had lots of cheese on it in the large side of Queso.

While it's tough to describe exactly what my burrito tasted like, I will say, it is most certainly better than any Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich I have ever ordered from any sandwich spot, ever! Also, I don't know of any other burrito spots in the Midwest or West that have the option of a 'Chicken Bacon Ranch' Burrito. And another thing to the credit of this particular burrito is that usually one of that size is something that I will put down and save for later. This was not the case. I devoured that thing because of how good it was.

So kudos to Hot Harry's Fresh Burritos for having good burritos and a solid selection of them on their menu, which you can see at the link provided right here, along some others they have to offer. Also, don't forget that tomorrow's Taco Tuesday! They have plenty of those too!

Either way, thanks for being a new go-to of mine in town, Hot Harry's Fresh Burritos!

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