Golf is Zen. The wooded outdoors in the warmer months is Zen; however, is there a downside to living on a golf course in Massachusetts?


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How often to houses on golf courses in Massachusetts get hit by rogue golf balls?

"I have designated the northern side of my house 'the target side' of the house now because we get peppered with golf balls, repairing two smashed windows last year, umpteen pieces of siding that have been damaged, a few years back a car window as well", said Corey Bishop of Bishop West Real Estate this morning on Slater and Marjo.

This is the reality of living on a golf course. Although the views can be awesome, it comes with a price. Bishop lives on a golf course in Adams, MA, in a house he built 12 years ago.

In a funny exchange on the radio Friday morning, Slater, of course, had to dig a little deeper.

Golfer hitting golf shot with club on course while on summer vacation

Does the sound startle you?

Slater: When a ball hits the house, does it scare you? What does it sound like? Hail?

Corey: You know when you've taken a direct hit, you're like, 'alright something's broken'. You just know it.

Slater: Does anybody come up and say. 'I'm sorry'?

Corey: No. They know they hit the house, but they choose to get in their carts or look in the other direction walk away as fast as possible.

Slater: How many golf balls do you find in your yard on a regular basis?

Corey: We were out in the backyard burning some brush the other day, we went from no golf balls to 25 golf balls just scouting around the yard a little bit.

Slater: How is your lawnmower doing?

Kati Molin

Do you sell the balls?

Corey: Oh, nevermind picking up trash before you mow the lawn, you literally have to go around and pick up golf balls to make sure you're not chuckin' golf balls out of the chute off the side there.

Slater: Do you sell the golf balls?

Corey: My kids used to! It was like, 'come on over and buy your balls back'.

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