Fans of a "white" Christmas got their wish this year, now, The Berkshires will brace for an arctic blast. For the next 10 days, high temperatures will be in the teens and single digits, lows below zero, and wind chills possibly reaching around minus 25.

Underneath the snow I shoveled on Christmas morning, was a dangerous layer of ice from the previous ice/rain storm. With temperatures not set to reach above freezing anytime soon, even with the sun out, that ice isn't going anywhere.

If you need sand and salt, Pittsfield has piles located at Pittsfield Fire Department Engine 1 on W. Housatonic St., Engine 5 on Pecks Rd., and the DPW on W. Housatonic St. Although it is free, please be considerate and limit your amount to 50lbs.

Winter lovers can also enjoy the news that there is a chance of another sizable storm heading this way for this weekend!







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