The number homeless people or "unhoused people" has been a topic as of late, not only in Massachusetts, but the entire country. The widening wealth gap, mental health and addiction, domestic violence, lack of affordable housing, and for the some, the desire to be homeless all play a factor.

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2023 had record number of homeless people in the United States at 653,100.

The population of homeless people in the U.S. is largely dependent on the population of the state, economy, and climate.

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The number of homeless people in Massachusetts is 19,741 or 27.4 per 10,000 residents.

The city of Boston has about 1500-1600 experienceing homeless.

Of those experiencing homelessness in Massachusetts, a reported 7.3% were unsheltered, the fifth lowest share among states.

If you are unhoused in Massachusetts, the government has the following information for you.

This guide is for people who need help with housing. This includes:

  • Emergency shelter for people facing homelessness
  • Assistance and guidance for people facing eviction
  • Short- and long-term support paying for rent and utilities
  • Resources for finding affordable housing (Public Housing, rental vouchers, and finding affordable rents or mortgages)
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Vermont Has The Highest Number of Homeless Per Capita

The state of Vermont might only have 3,300 homeless people, but that number breaks down to 50 residents per 10,000.

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