This revelation should be nothing new, Berkshire County. Time and time again during the summer months, you hear doctors and health experts reminding us to do our best to stay cool and keep hydrated, especially when temperatures are high.

Extreme heat can affect everyone, particularly the very young and the elderly. Even rock and roll legends. Case in point, legendary guitar-slinger, band leader, and songwriter Carlos Santana collapsed during a recent performance due to heat exhaustion.

According to a statement from his management team(or "Team Santana". I think I like that better!) on his official Facebook page, Santana suffered a medical emergency Tuesday night during his concert in Michigan.

Santana was performing at the Pine Knob Music Theatre which is an outdoor amphitheater in Clarkston, Michigan, where temperatures were hovering around the 90-degree mark.

Apparently, Santana(who is almost 75 years old, by the way) sat down on a corner of the stage at one point and just stopped playing guitar. Roadies and stage personnel held up a black tarp to block the view of the stage while medical staff attended to the musician.

In the statement, the management team reported that Santana was "overtaken by heat-exhaustion and dehydration." The statement continued:

Carlos was taken to the emergency department at McLaren Clarkston for observation and is doing well.

Excellent news, for sure. Santana is not the first musician to almost pass out on stage and he certainly won't be the last. Hell, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has done it twice. Once during an Aerosmith show and again while he was with the Hollywood Vampires.

Let's be thankful that Carlos is okay and on the road to recovery, but a word of warning to anyone doing anything remotely arduous when it's that hot out. Keep Rocking, Santana!

FYI, some of Santana's upcoming shows may be postponed to a later date. LiveNation will have further details.

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