Kids will do anything to get their hands on stimulants. Alcohol, cannabis, adult venues all require a Massachusetts ID to prove you're 21 years of age or older. If you're under 21, a good fake ID just may get you want you want. They're illegal, however, and you'll get into big trouble!

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The #1 Dead Giveaway For Fake Massachusetts ID

We recently had a conversation on the radio show about "secret shoppers" within local cannabis shops. Basically, the CCC (Cannabis Control Commission) sends in fake patrons to see if bud agents are playing by the rules.

Retail agents who work for local pot shops in Massachusetts have been trained to spot a fake ID and Bloom Brothers owner Nate Girard was on Friday morning to share a secret.

The triangle never changes...


Shops not only scan your ID what feels like 100 times when trying to purchase cannabis but they have other fail safes as well. There is the look, feel, and sense test and then the machine that can scan it. However, the triangle never changes.

What is the triangle?

There is a certain area of a identification that you are supposed to look at on a person's face. The area of their face that never changes is the triangle between the nose and above the eyes.

So, you can actually look at the picture on the ID and it will always be the same. Hair color changes, body weight changes, but the area between your two eyes and up above your nose, it's called the triangle test, is something that you never, ever, ever change.

The secret shopper that came into my store, in fact, had a valid ID, but it wasn't them. The triangles didn't match. -Nate Girard (Bloom Brothers Cannabis, MA)

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