People have always told me that, I'm a "good hugger". But what is a good hugger? A long arm span wrapping around you? A strong grip? A lengthy hug? How close you pull the other person toward you? Fact is, as humans, we need platonic touch.

Marjo and I spoke this morning on one of the country's newest professions, cuddling for hire, via The Washington Post. Trained cuddlers hold, stroke, and embrace customers in a non-sexual way.

In the last ten years, the number of U.S. adults living single has risen to around 40 percent. Combine that with people interacting via social media more and more, and it's no surprise you've got demand for something like

Benefits to cuddling include an increase in oxytocin, a powerful hormone that can regulate social interaction, and decrease in stress.

While massage therapy might seem to be the perfect way to fulfill the need for touch, nonsexual cuddling addresses a deeper, more emotional need, professional cuddlers say.


It made me more relaxed and carefree, in dating you might be extra nervous if you haven’t been getting enough contact…I wasn’t thinking about it because my (touch) needs were met already.

Let me be clear, does this sound weird? Yes, absolutely. However, I'm glad people are setting aside their pride, and seeking to fill a void in their life in a way in which I find to be healthy.


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