Let's face it, cold water can be tough. I don't know anyone who loves a nice cold ocean to swim in. Massachusetts is not know for its super warm ocean temperatures, but there are a few spots on Cape Cod that'll get the job done.

Craigville Beach in the Town of Barnstable is known to have 'the warmest water'

Beaches in the Nantucket Sound have the warmest waters in Massachusetts.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts on Facebook
Cape Cod, Massachusetts on Facebook

Craigville Beach, Cape Cod is one of the most popular Nantucket Sound beaches, especially for families. It’s one of the warmest beaches on Cape Cod with the water temperature often reaching the mid-70s during the peak season as warm Gulf Stream waters run up along the south of the Cape.


More beaches with warm water in Massachusetts

Cape Cod’s Nantucket Sound have the warmest (if not of the most beautiful color) ocean water that reaches into lower and sometimes mid 70s degrees in the heat of the summer.  Some of the best public beaches in this category are Craigville Beach in Barnstable, Old Silver Beach in Falmouth and Seagull Beach in West Yarmouth. -celebratetheweekend.com


How warm to Massachusetts beaches get?

Water temperatures in August can reach about 67.5 in an average summer. The coldest they get is around March with temperatures near 38 degrees. Pool temperatures usually run anywhere between 78 and 82. To compare: ocean waters in Florida in August run about 86 degrees and about 64 in March. That's a big difference!


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