Driving around in Massachusetts, you may have noticed over the years, that some folks have a star or multiple stars on their home. You've probably seen one on a barn as well. What is that?

Americana Barn Stars


Well, there are two answers. One is correct and the other is a wildly funny myth.

The stars are usually made of metal, some are made of wood and they are called Amish Barn Stars. Their origin goes way back to the 1700's and gained some popularity after the civil war.

Some say they just bring "good luck", others sport them for a more religious meaning.

Black: Protection by the binding or mixing elements or curses
White: Purity and energy
Yellow: Health and godliness
Blue: Spirituality and peace
Brown: Earth and strength
Green: Fertility, growth and successfulness
Orange: Prosperity
Red: Emotions, passion and creativity
Violet: Sacredness -agdaily.com

Sample Barn Stars


The meaning of a red or white 'X' on Massachusetts buildings

Something else that piques people's curiosity besides the barn stars, is the mysterious "X" on some dilapidated buildings.

Bourne Firefighters Facebook
Bourne Firefighters Facebook

In actuality, it means that it has been deemed unsafe for first responders.

What is the new red “X” sign that has shown up on a few buildings in town? Let’s start with explaining what the sign does not mean. The fire department has not condemned any buildings in town. X does not mark the spot indicating that a building will be demolished.

A red X does not mean that the building is in immediate danger of collapse. Also, a building with an X on it does not indicate that an owner has not paid their taxes, nor does it mean that the property is not insured.

The X signs are part of a process to ensure the safety of the public and first responders. They are placed on buildings because they have been identified as being unsafe. -Bourne Firefighters Facebook
Bourne Firefighters Facebook
Bourne Firefighters Facebook

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