Looking for that perfect home in any market can already be pretty stressful. But what happens if you find something in your price range only to see that the actual property looks like it was hit by a natural disaster? The 'most affordable house' in the Berkshires seems to fit that exact description.

If you're searching for some really nice real estate, one of the better places to look online is TikTok. More and more real estate companies and agents are utilizing the platform to show off properties and their structures on the inside. But then there are the properties that not nearly as breathtaking. And by that, we mean they have some things missing in them, like paint, plumbing, or outside walls.

Luckily, a popular TikTok-er known as 'The Affordable House Chick' (@jessicascend) made a video for a house in the Berkshires. In fact, it is in Pittsfield! Typically, she showcases houses throughout that U.S. that could be great finds for their price. However, as you watch the video for Pittsfield's most affordable house, you might be a little uneasy given the aesthetics of the property.


If you're trying to persuade someone from moving to Pittsfield, this might be the video to show them. Notice how she used the term 'fixer-upper'. To quote Dr. Peter Venkman in 'Ghostbusters', he says: "It just seems a little pricey for a unique fixer upper opportunity...What do you think, Egon?"

It's safe to say a lot of people would be in agreement with Dr. Egon Spengler on this one. The Pittsfield house didn't even have a bathroom wall. The Affordable House Chick might be right on when she talks about taking a bulldozer to this thing. Perhaps you could say it's the most affordable bulldoze job.

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