The feeling can only be described as total violation. Right? I remember some summers ago, there were reports of vehicles being broken into around my neighborhood. Sure enough, I was going to work one morning only to find my glove compartment and center console wide open accompanied with my stuff strewn all over the vehicle.

Was the perpetrator's intent to steal my car? No, this guy wanted money. There were no signs of forced entry because I left my car unlocked by mistake, so I blame myself. The feeling is still the same though, it's invasive and violating to have your personal property be rummaged through.

Car thief, car theft

We'll shift at this point to actual vehicle theft. Unfortunately, theft is a part of life that we must deal with, although most can be prevented.

So, What Vehicles Are Most Often Stolen And Why?

It appears that the more popular the car/truck/model is, the higher it is on the most stolen list!

Other factors that determine how likely a vehicle is to be stolen are the location and the model year. Whether a thief prefers an older model without an anti-theft system, or a newer one with an easily-replicated key fob, there are a few factors that can make some cars more attractive than others to auto thieves.

What About Massachusetts?

These Are The Top 3 Most Stolen Vehicles In MA

  1. 1997 Honda Accord
  2. 2000 Honda Civic
  3. 2018 Toyota Camry

As you would expect?

All three are super popular and as you see the top 2 are more than twenty years old. Information is courtesy of

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