What is a dry town? If a town is dry, the sale of alcoholic beverages is illegal. There are no liquor stores and alcoholic drinks are not permitted in restaurants.

Not that this would ever happen, but if there was ever a time to "bring back" prohibition, it would've been during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Alcohol sales went soaring in 2020, and much to my chagrin, even I stocked up on Coors Light.

With the rumor of Baker shutting down liquor stores, even temporarily, across the Bay State in the spring of 2020, people were purchasing alcohol in bulk. But...that didn't happen and liquor stores remained open. What did happen though, was the continuing rise in sales of alcohol concerning doctors across the country.

Prohibition in this country lasted from 1920 to 1933, but some counties and towns in the U.S. still remain dry.


no alcohol sign

Rockport was forever dry it seemed, but the town lifted some restrictions in 2006; however, eight towns are still dry, according to bostonmagazine.com.

The remaining eight are as follows:

  • Alford (Berkshire County)
  • Dunstable (Middlesex County)
  • Chilmark (Dukes County)
  • Gosnold (Dukes County)
  • Hawley (Franklin County)
  • Montgomery (Hampden County)
  • West Hampton (Hampshire County)
  • Mount Washington (Berkshire County)

As you may have noticed, all of these towns don't have an incredibly large population; however, they still remain under, what some would say an "antiquated" rule.

Some counties in the southern part of the country cited religious reasons for originally going dry back in the day.

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