Slater and Marjo often mention their love for comedians. Marjo can't stand the fact that I like Jim Gaffigan, but, whatever, comedy is subjective.

We do agree; however, on our love for this comedian, now iconic podcaster who happened to get his first paid stand-up gig here in Pittsfield, MA.

Back then, you could make a decent living as a comic in the Boston area, but you had to do a lot of driving, and much of what I did was way out in Western Mass. As a matter of fact, I did my first paid gig out that way when I opened for Lenny Clarke at a nightclub called Jay’s in Pittsfield.


Screen grab from YouTube
Screen grab from YouTube


Rogan recently mentioned this again on an episode of his podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience", with Boston comic legend Lenny Clarke, whom he opened up for that night in 1989.

Jay's was where the now defunct "K&K Liquors" is on upper North St. in Pittsfield.


The 54 year-old Rogan recently inked a $100 million deal with Spotify for his wildly popular podcast. He also recently moved his studios from California to Texas.

Rogan has enjoyed quite a career. He was on "NewsRadio" back in the '90s, hosted "Fear Factor", was a UFC commentator, as well as doing stand up.

But, yes, now you know that Joe Rogan's first paid gig as a stand up comedian was at Jay's in Pittsfield back in 1988 or 89.


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