Are you constantly thinking about lunch? I know I am. I call them subs, some call them grinders. Whatever you call them, they're an amazing delicious thing about life.

This mom and pop sandwich shop in Haverhill touts the biggest. Would you like a small or a large rocket?

Benedetti's Deli at 350 Washington St. in Haverhill, MA has the biggest subs in Massachusetts.

Home of The Rocket

Benedetti's subs are so friggin' big, they call them "rockets". A large rocket can feed up to four people. They have been known to get some love from the Phantom Gourmet and The Steve Harvey Show, according their website.

A large rocket is 20 inches!


Benedetti's has been a family run business since 1961.

Nearly 50 choices of rockets, hot and cold, are available on their menu in large and small.

Munchie Rockets

The "munchie rockets" definitely have got my attention. Check this out: Chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings smothered in red sauce. OH YEAH.

Locally owned and operated for decades, a trip here is like taking a step back in time. The restaurant's exterior boasts vintage signage, on the inside, you'll find a no-frills deli counter. The sandwiches here are so big and delicious that the deli has garnered national attention from several TV shows throughout the year. -travelmaven

Check these guys out for sure, if you're hungry! They also offer a few seafood plates as well. They are open Wednesday through Saturday.

Review Example

I have not been here in almost 40 years!! It is owned by the same family and still fabulous!!!! Biggest subs anywhere!!! An amazing value. If you order the large ask to get it cut into thirds because you won't be able to finish it alone. I drove 30 miles one way just to get some subs so my kids could try them. Still love them!

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