Tis the season to be merry and bright, right? Folks across the commonwealth are always looking for a festive place to take the family during the Christmas holiday. As a child, I remember my parents taking me to a house in Peabody, MA that was just magical. Lights galore!

Sort of like Salem, MA on Halloween, Massachusetts has a bunch of cities or towns that express Christmas better than the rest.

Here in Western Massachusetts, towns like Deerfield or Shelburne Falls do a nice job, but there is actually a city in Massachusetts that is dubbed "The Christmas City".


Where Can We Find This Gem?

Taunton, MA!

Taunton is actually nicknamed "The Christmas City," so its residents obviously know how to make the holidays magical! During the month of December, the town green transforms into a sparkling jewel of lights and festive activities. -onlyinyourstate.com

Another location for wonderment around the holiday season is, of course, NYC! I haven't been to the big apple in eight years after a honeymoon stop at Central Park for a December horse and buggy ride.

This year, the plan is to take my two young children to the Titanic Exhibition in Manhattan right after Christmas. A train ride to get there and a couple nights in a hotel should really make for a great experience for the little ones.

The only downside to that? A LOT OF PEOPLE!

I hope everyone can enjoy whatever makes them happy this holiday season. There is a lot to see and do!

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