We all know rent can be ridiculous in Massachusetts. Mortgages in some cities are less than some city's rents.

Boston, Massachusetts has landed at number 4 on the highest one-bedroom rent list in the U.S.

Highest One Bedroom Rents in the U.S. (Median)


1. New York, NY ($4,240)

2.Jersey City, NJ ($3,130)

3. San Francisco, CA ($2,980)

4. Boston, MA ($2,960)

5. Miami, FL ($2,660)

6. San Jose, CA ($2,530)

7. San Diego, CA (2,430)

8. Los Angeles, CA ($2,400)

9. Washington D.C. ($2,390)

10. Arlington, VA ($2,290) -zumper

I remember when I was 21 years old my mother and I had a disagreement over how much I was doing around the house. I was attending community college at the time and was working part time at a commercial Boston radio station.

My rent at the time was $300 a month to live with my parents. Now, I get it, you've got to pay your way in this life and I certainly didn't expect a free ride. She believed, however, that since I wasn't "pulling my weight" around the house, that she was going to up that $300 to $500 a month.

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Nopphon Pattanasri

At the time I told her that that was absurd and I was going to look for an apartment on my own. At 21 years old, I certainly was not going to pay $500 a month and live with my parents, that was not happening.

I put out a few feelers at work and low and behold a co-worker was looking for a roommate at his place in Dorchester. The total rent for a three bedroom, one bath in the Savin Hill area of the city was $1500; split three ways it was gonna cost me $500. I was sold.



Here Are 5 Cities In Massachusetts With The Highest Rent

  1. Boston - $2960/month
  2. Cambridge - $2850/month
  3. Brookline - $2460/month
  4. Waltham - $2300/month
  5. Quincy - $2190/month

Boston for a four bedroom would be $4,498, three bedroom $3,692, two bedroom $3,487, and a studio $2,506.

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