Temperatures in Massachusetts are gonna get real cold for the next week or so and the following is a good reminder when it comes to leaving the following in your vehicle.

Massachusetts Cold Weather Will Kill These 7 Items In Your Car

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We were on our way to drop off an old guitar the other day at the local music store here in western Massachusetts get restrung when I was reminded of the dangers of leaving musical instruments in cold cars.

1. Guitars or any musical instrument

Guitars, violins, or any other wood instrument can really get seriously damaged. The wood can warp or crack and forever change the size and shape of the instrument which is critical for the sound it produces.


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2. Medications

There is a reason why there is usually a storage temperature recommendation on the bottle. Meds can lose their effectiveness in freezing temperatures.


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3. Beauty or skin care products

A lot of these are water based and their chemical composition can change and alter effectiveness. If your dropping hundreds at Ulta, get your stuff inside!

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4. Alcoholic Drinks

Beer and wine and spirits have a lower freezing temperature threshold than liquids that don't contain alcohol, but they will freeze and burst when temperatures are in the low 20s and teens.


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5. Eggs

Eggs will freeze and crack and then you gotta throw them out. Eggs are expensive!


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6. Lithium Ion Battery Powered Electronics - Cell Phones-Laptops

These everyday electronics won't function if left in the cold for too long. They should be ok once returned to normal temps, but frequent exposure to cold is not recommended.

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7. Eyeglasses

Similar to musical instruments, the frames can warp and crack in freezing temperatures.


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