Sandwiches are one of the absolute most universal foods in existence. It's a given that a sandwich can be included in almost any meal, so it's great have a nearby local sandwich joint or two, especially here in Massachusetts. While there is an absurd amount of different varieties of delis and other sandwich shops making fantastic sandwiches throughout the Bay State, there happens to be one sandwich in particular that has recently been awarded the title as 'The Best Sandwich in the State'. And we know what joint serves it.

The popular food publication 'Love Food' released a list of The Best Sandwich in Every State. They compiled reviews and ratings of several different food publications throughout each state, as well as within each region of the country to help find the best sandwich in each state and what spot is serving them.

What is the Best Sandwich in Massachusetts and Who Serves It?

For the best sandwich in Massachusetts, according to 'Love Food', you would need to travel out east to Boston at one of the busiest sandwich joints in the Bay State. This sandwich shop is also named for this particular Chilean sandwich, which is known as the Chacarero.

Here's what 'Love Food' had to say about why Chacarero earned the title of having the best sandwich in Massachusetts:

What started as a humble pushcart owned by Chilean native Juan Hurtado is now one of Boston's busiest sandwich spots. It's especially bustling around lunchtime, when customers line up for just one thing – the chacarero. A traditional Chilean sandwich, it's filled with tender grilled steak or chicken (or a mix of both) in a soft round bread roll, with tomatoes, steamed green beans, and muenster cheese added. It's then topped off with mashed avocado and a spicy, peppery secret sauce.

Not only does it sound really good, but they also look pretty incredible.

If you want to make a trip out east, you can find Chacarero at 101 Arch Street in Boston and you can check out their full menu here. Now that we've reached the Summer months, perhaps it's time to make a trip out east to experience the best sandwich in Massachusetts? From the looks of it, and the reviews, it seems like it might be well worth it!

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