Is it just me or did one of the hottest and driest summers in recent memory quickly segue-way to unpleasant fall temperatures? I get it, "unpleasant" is subjective, but man, September in Massachusetts is usually warm and gorgeous. It felt that way for the first two weeks of September and that's it.

Now that we're in October, it's only going to get cooler, quickly. But...temperatures for Thursday and Friday will be on the mild side for sure. Thursday's high is 72, Friday's 69, with much cooler weather for this coming weekend. So, just for a few days, I can turn my heat back down.

We recently polled Live 95.9 listeners about heat in their homes. 80% had NOT turned on their heat as of just a week ago. I say, they're lying! 😁

Room wall temperature thermostat turn dial to set

While most enjoy "sweater weather", you know, hoodies and shorts or pants, I like summer, baby! Fall isn't terrible, it's just what comes AFTER!

The average high temperature for Boston, Massachusetts in October is 61F. Good running weather, I suppose. A big shout to our own Marjo Catalano for running her first MARATHON this weekend in Hartford.

Anyway, When WAS Boston's Hottest October Day On Record?

Record high temperature for October :  90° F (1963)
Record low temperature for October :  25° F (1936)
Average October high temperature:  61° F
Average October low temperature:  47° F
Average precipitation for October :   3.9 inches

So, in 1963, Boston hit 90! The sun is in a different position in October and obviously the sun goes down earlier in the day, so I wonder how that must have felt!

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