Every Wednesday at 8:30 we're joined by John Perreault, Executive Director of the Berkshire Humane Society to discuss all the happenings at their Barker Road facility, plus talk about their Pet of the Week.

This week's Pet of the Week is Smokey. He is a beautiful black and brown 8.5-month-old tiger cat who was in a home with too many other animals. Overall, he's a great cat, loving attention "head scratches" and being held.


Everyone who sees Smokey falls in love with him. He has lived indoors only and enjoys being held. He is also good with other cats, so he should do fine with other feline friends.

Smokey does have hip dysplasia, which means his ball and socket joint in his hip is not aligned properly. His new person should be prepared to keep Smokey at a normal weight, help him exercise to build his muscles, and afford joint supplements, medications, and probably surgery.

If you believe you can give Smokey the home he deserves, please contact the Berkshire Humane Society feline staff at (413)-447-7878, extension 124.
As a reminder, this is the last week of “Adopt a Cat Month” at the Berkshire Humane Society where everyone who adopts a cat or kitten in June in a raffle to win a grand prize gift basket (litter box!) full of cat goodies. Berkshire Humane will draw the winner June 30th.

Pet owners are also encouraged to make an appointment at the Dr. John Reynolds Adoption and Education Center, 214 Barker Rd, Pittsfield, or the Wellness Clinic, 289 Dalton Ave, Pittsfield to receive a $15 microchip with initial registration. That’s a savings of $10!

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