We all knew that the war in Ukraine will continue to negatively affect gas prices here in the states and across the world.  The price at the pump continues to go up.  Last week when we reported on the gas prices in the Berkshires the average price of gas here was $3.52.  The average price one week later is up 8-cents to $3.60 according to AAA.

Across the country, the average price per gallon for regular gas was $3.53 last Tuesday.  Today the price is close to the Berkshire average of $3.60.  According to AAA nationally the price has increased by 26-cents in just the last month.  One year ago, the average price across the U.S. was $2.71.  Although the price is high locally, in California the average price per gallon today is $4.82 a gallon according to AAA.

Price of gas up 9-cents in the Berkshires from last week

Locally where you tank up the price per gallon varies from $3.49 at the South Street Mobil in Pittsfield…to $3.65 at a number of stations in Pittsfield according to the GasBuddy App.  The price for gas is even higher in northern Berkshires.  In North Adams, the Valero station on State Road and the Citgo on Main Road are the cheapest locations listed on GasBuddy today.  The price per gallon at both Valero and Citgo is $3.59 a gallon. The 7-Eleven on Main Road in Adams is also listed at $3.59.

In the southern part of the Berkshires, the lowest price for go-juice is $3.53 at the Citgo on Housatonic Street in Lee.  There is a number of other locations just under the Massachusetts average according to GasBuddy are listed below.

Although the price of gas and groceries are continued to climb, we do have our freedom and at last check, no enemy tanks or incoming missiles have been seen rolling down our street or blowing up our neighborhoods.

Below are the Berkshire gas prices listed today on GasBuddy.  The prices listed here are subject to change since the posting of this article.

Pittsfield                     Mobile - $3.49                        460 South Street, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Mobile - $3.55                        188 Elm Street, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Mobil - $3.55                           320 W Housatonic St, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Gulf - $3.63                             743 East Street, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Sunoco - $3.55                       1025 South Main, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Shell - $3.55                           90 Tyler Street, Pittsfield

N Adams                     Valero - $3.59                         324 State Road, North Adams

N Adams                    Citgo - $3.59                           544 Main Road, North Adams

Adams                         7-Eleven - $ 3.59                   223 Columbia Street, Adams

Lee                              Citgo - $3.53                           55 Housatonic Street, Lee

Lee                              Mobile - $3.59                        241 Main Street, Lee

Great Barrington         Mobile - $3.63                        246 Stockbridge Road, GB

Stockbridge                 Mobile - $3.59                        US-7, Stockbridge

Great Barrington         Mobile - $3.65                        696 S Main Street, GB

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