Pittsfield Police Chief Michael Wynn will be hosting a "Coffee with a Cop" hang tomorrow morning.  Announced on the Pittsfield Police Department Facebook page, Chief Wynn will be happy to chat over a cup of Joe at Elm St. Java beginning at 10:15 until 11:30.  Chief Wynn is inviting anyone that would like to have a conversation with some of Pittsfield’s finest to stop by and join the event.

The "Coffee with a Cop" program was launched in Hawthorne California back in 2011 when the Police Department was looking for a way to interact more successfully with the community, they serve according to the coffeewithacop website.  "Coffee with a Cop" events are now widespread across all 50 states and according to the CWAC website it is one of the most successful community-oriented policing programs across the country.

In addition to the U.S., a total of 15 countries have joined the Coffee with a Cop movement with over 10,000 "Coffee with a Cop" events already in the books worldwide.  According to the Coffee with a Cop website the span of events has connected the men and women with the community members they serve over coffee and conversation in 5 different languages from English to Spanish to Dutch to French to Lithuanian.

If you are curious the Spanish word for coffee is “Café”…in Dutch “Koffie” …in French “Café” …and in Lithuanian “Lietuviu”.  Of course, in the states, we call coffee a lot of different names including; Java, Brew, Go Juice, Mud, Jitter Juice, Cup of Joe and so many others including Dunkin’ hear in Massachusetts.

So tomorrow join Chief Wynn and some other members of his department at Elm St. Java at 216 Elm Street from 10:15 to 11:30. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PPD’s first comfort dog ‘Winston” makes an appearance.

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