Is Massachusetts uniquely imbalanced or is this just par for the course for a coastal state with a population just shy of 7,000,000?

Massachusetts has a city and town total of 351. The lowest populated town, Gosnold (Dukes County) has a population of only 64; the largest is Boston, with about 650,000.

There are nine Massachusetts cities with more than 100,000 people living in them.

Cities come in all different shapes and sizes and the same goes for population.

Growing up in the eastern part of the Commonwealth, I swear I will never return. I certainly don't detest the city where I grew up, however, the number of people, traffic, overall congestion, and noise is too much for me now.

Jesse Stewart, Townsquare Media
Jesse Stewart, Townsquare Media

Massachusetts Total Population

2021: 6,989,690

2022: 6,981,974

The pandemic caused some folks to reconsider what was important to them in life and some states even saw an exodus to less populated areas. Massachusetts was slightly affected, not nearly as much as New York or California, however.

Boston Globe via Getty Images
Boston Globe via Getty Images

These 9 Cities Have More Than 100,000 People

The following cities have a population of more than 100,000 people residing there, some were not in the category before.

Boston (650,706)

Worcester (205,319)

Springfield (154,064)

Cambridge (118,488)

Lowell (113,608)

Brockton (104,826)

Quincy (101,727)

Lynn (100,891)

New Bedford (100,682)

The only two counties in Massachusetts to shed residents over the last decade were Berkshire (-2,193) and Franklin (-343). Every other county saw population growth, led by the gains of 128,917 people in Middlesex County, 75,913 people in Suffolk County and 66,670 people in Essex County. By growth percentage, Nantucket County led the way with a 40.1% gain (an increase of 4,083 people).

The world surpassed the 8 billion mark in terms of population. New studies suggest that by 2100, however, that number could be down to 6 billion according to new trends.

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