Getting a haircut is much more than just "cleanin' up". It can be relaxing, a form of psychotherapy, and a milestone for children. A recent article published on lists the top 3 barber shops for each county in Massachusetts.

The Berkshires' top 3 were as follows: Castoldi's, Elm St., and Sim's.

1. Joe Castoldi has owned "Castoldi's Barber Shop" for 40 years at 764 Tyler St. in Pittsfield. Slater caught up with Castoldi about the recognition, and had this to say, "We give the best haircuts in town, conventional and contemporary, from hard parts to high fades. Come check out Alec "The Razor" Foisy for yourself"!

2. Chris Welker has owned "Elm Street Barber Shop" at 339 Elm St. in Pittsfield for the last 3 years after purchasing it from former owner Tony Riello. Welker says, "I appreciate the recognition, we couldn't do it without community support and continued loyalty".

3. Steve Vilot owns "Sim's Barber Shop" on North St. and Dalton Ave in Pittsfield, and a shop in Nashville, TN. The former Great Barrington location at 271 Main St. closed approximately two years ago, according to Dan Slater at the Dalton Ave location. Slater says about Sim's, "We're here for the community seven days a week serving all ages and styles."

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