Massachusetts is a fantastic place to live and visit. From picturesque Cape Cod beaches to the iconic Boston skyline and west to the beautiful mountains of the Berkshires, Massachusetts truly has something for everyone.

While Massachusetts is one of the most populated states in the U.S. it also sees a significant amount of tourists and visitors annually. According to, Massachusetts sees around 26.2 million domestic visitors, and 2.4 million international visitors annually. Direct spending from these visitors totaled over $10 BILLION in 2020, making it a huge driving force in the Massachusetts economy and generating $879.9 million in state and local tax revenue.

Given the number of visitors that flock to Massachusetts annually, tourism is an extremely viable industry. Expedia reports that there are almost 16,000 hotels in Massachusetts to accommodate its almost 30 million visitors. Like the rest of the country in the past decade, the Bay State has seen an explosion of short-term and vacation rentals. 

Despite the saturation, not every city and town in Massachusetts is receptive to, or a good location to own a short-term rental, owners need to be choosey in their location.

A recent report from Awning, a real estate investment company, names the top Airbnb markets in Massachusetts.

When Ranked By Return on Investment, North Adams is the Top Airnbn Market in Massachusetts.

North Adams, a small city in the western part of Massachusetts is home to just under 13,000 residents. The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and Mass MoCA (the country's largest contemporary art museum, call this former mill city home. Other hotels, restaurants, and cultural landmarks in the town have been highlighted by such prestigious publications as Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast, and Vogue.

According to Awning, Airbnb owners in Massachusetts can expect a 14% return on investment for their North Adams short-term rentals.

North Adams, MA presents an excellent opportunity for investors due to its growing tourism industry, including the popular MASS MoCA museum, and its affordable real estate market

Awning Resl Estate Investment

Check Out the Entire List of the Best Airbnb Markets in Massachusetts Below

1. North Adams - 14% Return on Investment

2. Otis - 10% ROI

3. Becket - 9% ROI

4. Sheffield - 8% ROI

5. Williamstown - 2% ROI

6. Pittsfield - 2% ROI

7. Great Barrington - 2% ROI

8. South Chatham - 1% ROI

9. Gloucester - 1% ROI

10. Marshfield - 1% ROI


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