A "typical" Massachusetts winter, if there even is such a thing, usually sees the largest blizzards in the month of February, although according to the National Centers for Environmental Information, January is, in fact, the month that sees the highest snowfall total.

While Massachusetts might not see the massive snowfall that states like Minnesota, and Wisconsin, but we're still no strangers to a good old-fashioned blizzard.

It's somewhat difficult to really say which snowstorms were the largest ever recorded because snowfall varies across Massachusetts. Although it's a small state, elevation varies a fair amount depending on where you're located. Meaning if you're in some of the hill towns in Berkshire County, you're likely to see higher totals than say the South Coast, so these totals are the average for the entire state per storm.

According to data collected by Spada Law Group, these are the top ten snowstorms on record in Massachusetts:

  1. 27.6 Inches - February 17-18, 2013
  2. 27.1 Inches - February 6-7, 1978
  3. 26.3 Inches - February 24-27, 1969
  4. 25.4 Inches - March 31-April 1, 1997
  5. 24.9 Inches - Feb. 8-9, 2013
  6. 24.6 Inches - January 26-27, 2015
  7. 22.5 Inches - January 22-23, 2005 
  8. 21.4 Inches - 1978 January 20-21, 1978
  9. 19.8 Inches - March 3-5, 1960
  10. 19.4 Inches, February 16-17 

What's the heaviest snowfall in Massachusetts that you remember?


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