In a horrific story out of Lowell, Massachusetts, the body of a missing three-year-old body was recovered by State Police.

The District Attorney of Middlesex County along with Lowell Police and the Massachusetts State Police Superintendent has confirmed that the body of Harry Kkonde the young boy who was reported missing on June 14 was located in a pond of Varnum Rd in Lowell.

In the morning of this past Tuesday, Lowell Police received a report that three-year-old Kkonde was missing. The boy was dropped off at a babysitter's home by his parents around 7 a.m. and was last seen in the yard by neighbors around 9:15 a.m. Officers responded to the babysitter's 911 call and began an immediate search of the home and surrounding area.

Yesterday morning the ongoing search continued, covering almost five square miles around where the young boy was last seen.

Around 1:15 that afternoon a member of the Massachusetts State Police Underwater Recovery Unit located the boy's body in about five feet of water in the pond that was adjacent to where he was reported missing. Investigators say there was no obvious trauma to the body.

The investigation is ongoing and the District Attorney says that the main priorities are determining how and what time Harry Kkonde entered the water, along with a conclusion from the Office of the Cheif Medical Examiner for an official cause of death.

About 180 police and firefighters took part in a coordinated, multi-agency search of the area, which includes portions of the Lowell Dracut Tyngsborough State Forest and swampland.


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