I can only imagine what a Massachusetts conductor was thinking when he came upon a boat left on the tracks that lay ahead. This strange incident took place last Thursday when a MBTA commuter rail train collided with a small boat left on the tracks. Was this a prank?

A commuter rail train


A commuter rail train collided with a boat left on the tracks on the Fitchburg line

In a post on X, transit police said the commuter rail ended up striking the boat, though the train was not damaged in the collision. The boat apparently didn’t fare as well — TPD photos show the boat parked on the platform at Porter, a large gash in its side. - boston.com

There was definitely some confusion on how the white dinghy got on the tracks, but it was said that the incident took place around 12:15 a.m., so one can only assume some shenanigans were in the mix. The collision took place between Cambridge and Belmont where the commuter rail connects with the Red Line.

The good news is that the proper people are looking into the mishap and that there were no injuries to report of. A number around 97,000 people ride the commuter rail everyday as it is one of the busiest in the country.

Besides caribou on the tracks in the "Polar Express" what other bizarre stuff have you seen on the tracks?

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