A little more than two million Massachusetts residents are eligible for a free college education in 2024. Governor Maura Healy made headlines recently when the state announced that 15 public community colleges would be a part of this free program.

Two Million MA Residents Eligible For This Free Program In 2024

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If you're a Massachusetts resident 25 years of age or older and you haven't already obtained your college degree a, you're eligible for this awesome program.


If you are 25 or older, MassReconnect will pay for all your tuition and fees and will provide you with an allowance to cover your books and supplies. All you have to do is apply to your local community college and complete the 23-24 FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid).

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Participating Community Colleges in Massachusetts

I attended North Shore Community College in Lynn, MA and loved it. I found the education to be on par with the teachings that my friends were receiving at other institutions that may have been more prestigious on paper and certainly cost a boatload more money than I was paying.

Spring classes normally start around the third week of January.

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