We just passed the two year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic and things are starting to get back to normal. We felt the same way last spring, then variants Delta and Omicron hit us in late summer and through the winter respectively.

Small businesses took a beating, restaurants in particular, but it's good to see that a popular Pittsfield barbershop is coming back to life. In actuality, I do not know if the pandemic was the reason for Upstreet's closure 7 months ago, I'm just here to let you know it's back.

Owner Mike Rinaldi recently posted to his Facebook page the following messages...

In related news, Chris Welker, owner of Elm St. Barbershop in Pittsfield has opened up another location in Lenox.

"Lenox Legacy Barbershop" is located on Housatonic St. in Lenox.

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