Pittsfield's Licensing Board has suspended The Proprietor's Lodge liquor license for seven days after the restaurant and event venue hosted a wedding of 118 people. 

According to The Berkshire Eagle, at last night's meeting, the Licensing Board found the venue violated several COVID-19 restrictions at the July 31 party.

Board chairman Thomas Campoli said that there was "ample evidence" that the venue violated Gov. Baker's order number 44, the COVID-19 executive order that was in place at the time of the wedding which limited outdoor gatherings to 100 people and indoor gatherings were limited to 25.

Citing large parties similar in size, Gov. Baker has since reduced the limit to 50 people for outdoor gatherings.

In a three to two vote, the board suspended the venue's liquor license for seven days, Aug. 30 through Sept. 5. Chair Thomas Campoli, Dina Guiel Lampiasi, and Kathleen Amuso in favor and Vice Chair Richard Stockwell and Dennis Powell opposed.

Health officials for the city cited the venue for failing to comply with social distancing requirements and mask requirements, in addition to exceeding the cap on gatherings and having live entertainment in the form of a DJ on-premises, which violates current COVID orders as well.

According to The Eagle, manager Candace Lyons said she went over the COVID-19 "guidelines" in great length with the bride and groom, noting all the safety standards. She said the couple signed a form agreeing to wear masks and distance, and when she did see a guest without one on "she approached them immediately."

Ultimately, the venue itself is responsible for its patrons.

"Chairman Campoli seemed to take issue with Lyon's terminology, saying "these are not guidelines, it's the law. It's the law that's come down from the governor in response to a health crisis in which people have died."

"It's not enough to just have some masks out there and hope that people pick them up and put them on in your premises and if there's any illegality on your premises, it's grounds for having your license revoked," said Campoli."

The owner vowed to appeal the board's ruling.

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