An animal control officer in Braintree was delivering an injured raccoon to an animal wildlife shelter when he was flagged down by a motorist with something you don't see very often -- a deer in the backseat.

The deer was injured after being struck on the highway.

"The motorist brought it there for medical attention," said the Braintree Police via social media.

Check out the video below, courtesy of the Braintree Police Twitter account.

"You don't see a deer in a Subaru every day, that's for sure," said the officer in the video as he was checking the injured animal out.

The good news -- environmental police were called to the scene. Even better, before they could arrive, the deer was checked out and ran into the woods.

While the story turned out well, this time, officers warn folks that putting a deer in the back of your car may not be the best, and safest idea.

"Animal Control appreciates the intentions of the motorist wanting to save the deer but cautions the hazards of transporting wild animals in vehicles," said the Braintree Police Department.


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