Is driving too slow in Massachusetts annoying, or annoying and illegal as well?

I remember buying my first Mustang GT as a 20 year-old, my father warned me, "You're gonna get pulled over in that thing"!

Obviously, he was referring to me driving too fast.

Well, in that spring of 2000, on Rte. 2, The Massachusetts State Police clocked me going 78 in a 55. Ouch. The guy was nice enough to reduce the fine for me, but the insurance surcharge was hefty for the next 7 years.

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Yes, this is a thing, especially in the left lane on the highway.

I'm not saying you WILL get pulled over for driving to slow in the left lane, but you certainly CAN.

David Lentz

The law states that whenever vehicles travel at or below the speed limit and impede the flow of other traffic in the left lane, they will receive a fine. Here in Massachusetts drivers receive a $100 fine.

I mean, who would want to drive in the left lane under the speed limit? It happens, and it's dangerous as it causes others to pass on the right, which is generally not allowed.

Then again, in Massachusetts, travel in the far left lane is not encouraged either. It's actually illegal.

Traveling in the left lane when not passing violates the law. So, remember to go at least 65 MPH, or whatever the speed limit is, when you're passing someone!

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