Apparently, New England may not be as scientifically stable as we thought it was. The good news is, we will all be long gone before any damage can be done.

Rutgers University scientists recently have found evidence that "heated rock" is swelling underneath the Appalachian Mountains in Vermont. The finding suggests that this heated rock could be the beginning stages of a new forming volcano.

The research was published in the Geology scientific journal, which features several words that I won't even pretend to know. What I could understand, from reading an article in Newsweek and not the journal itself, is that it would take "a few million years for the upwelling to come to a head."

The upwelling appears to be particularly concentrated underneath central Vermont and western New Hampshire, and to a lesser degree underneath western Massachusetts." - Newsday

Vadem Levin, the journal author from the Rutgers Department of Earth and Planetary Science tells Rutgers Today that although we may be millions and millions of years away from any catastrophic incident, it has still defies everything we have learned about our region in school.

“We want to see how North America is gliding over the deeper parts of our plane," says Levin. (New England) is a very large and relatively stable region, but we found an irregular pattern with rather abrupt changes in it.”

Got to love science, right?


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