It's nice to walk into a retailer of any sort and not need a cart. Half the time they seem to be malfunctioning on some level. Whether it's a wheel that is super noisy or a ball bearing frozen up, carts at Walmart can be annoying.

Walmart in MA has new, shiny shopping carts. Not everyone is happy about that, however...

The design of the shopping carts at Walmart retailers across the country are changing. This is angering some patrons who are on the shorter side.

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The handles on Walmart's new carts are 3.5 inches higher, child seat higher as well...

Walmart is changing the shopping carts at its 4,600 nationwide stores. The new shopping carts feature a cup holder, popular with Stanley cup fans, and an area to place cell phones or a grocery list.

So, if you're short and you have baby? You might get a little annoyed. These new carts have a slot for your phone and cup holder big enough for everyone's beloved Stanley.

The handle bar is now 43.3 inches tall and the child seat base is 37.8 inches tall

Walmart has about 4600 stores in America and each store has around 700 carts. Supercenters have around 2000 carts, according to The U.S. Sun.

No matter the cart size at any big box retailer, just remember to put it back in the cart corral. Whether or not you return your cart seems to determine a lot about your character. At least that what the internet is screaming about as of late.


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