Boston is apparently known for a certain cocktail. I'm literally just finding this out. Boston is associated with many things; baked beans, the big dig, tea, Red Sox, the T, just to name a few.

I have fond memories of my grandmother taking us out for pizza every Wednesday night. She was a regular Manhattan drinker. Bourbon and sweet vermouth and a cherry. She used to drink them room temperature and would love "the way it burned going down".

Manhattans and Merit cigarettes, ah yes.


Offering us grandkids a sip of her warm Manhattan was a regular occurrence. I swear she would do it just to see the look of disgust on our faces. Yuck.

Even when I drank alcohol, I was strictly a light beer drinker. The post traumatic stress of the scorching Manhattan was probably to blame 😂.

'The Ward 8', Boston Is Known For This Cocktail

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Rhode Island Spirits Facebook

No, it's not the Manhattan, but the "ward eight". What the heck is in a ward eight?

As for Boston, we have the Ward Eight. A sweet and rosy concoction of whiskey, lemon juice, orange juice, and grenadine created here more than 100 years ago, the Ward Eight has an addition that no good drink should be without: a great story.

Emanating from Boston, Massachusetts in 1898, this cocktail's ingredients are as follows: rye whiskey, orange juice, lemon juice, and grenadine.

It's origination surrounded the election of Martin Lomasney to the state legislature. Does anyone still order one of these things?

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