If you are a Berkshire County resident, and you own a car, you may want to heed the advice of a local Berkshire County bank, which says you should keep your car doors locked and keep any valuables out of sight.

The gang is based in Florida...

There was no reference to any specific activity in Berkshire County, but a warning from Berkshire Bank is letting area residents know about a gang of thieves called the "Felony Lane Gang" that has apparently shown up in Berkshire County. According to the warning from the bank, which has appeared on social media, this gang is a group of thieves based out of the State of Florida that have a history of perpetrating "smash-and-Grabs" on unattended parked vehicles.

There is also no reference to any specific police department in the warning from the bank, so it is not clear where the financial institution got the information from, but it's a threat that everyone should take seriously. The Berkshires is certainly no stranger to Smash-and-Grab break-ins.


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According to the bank, the "Felony Lane Gang" breaks into vehicles and takes whatever they can find including checkbooks and driver's licenses, which allows them to commit fraud at area banks such as cashing checks and using bank drive-up lanes.

Typically target parks, parking lots...

Generally, if you are leaving a purse or other valuable item visible to these criminals, your car is a prime target for them. The bank warns that you should lock your vehicle and never leave a purse or wallet in your car unattended at any time. Typical target areas include parks, and parking lots for places such as ball games, where a car might be left unattended for a lengthy amount of time.

Berkshire Bank tells its customers that if they are a victim of this gang, they should call them immediately. The bank's customer care line is 1-800-773-5601. The warning certainly should be considered by all residents in the county, and not only Berkshire Bank customers, of course.


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