If you see a motorcycle cruising by with a Rottweiller chilling in the sidecar you might do a doubletake, but don't worry it's just Zack and Dexter.

Warm weather has hit The Berkshires and motorcycles are out in full effect. Riders all over the county are taking advantage of the sunny days, but one Berkshire County man and his dog Dexter take cruising on the bike to another level.

Motorcycle sidecars have been manufactured since early in the twentieth century. Until the 1950s sidecars were quite popular, as they give folks a cheap alternative to passenger cars. They also have a long history of use by armed forces and law enforcement organizations all over the world. During WWII, German troops used many BMW and Zundapp seitenwagen motorcycles. French, Belgian, British, and Soviet militaries used sidecars as well.

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Despite their popularity in the past, sidecars aren't something you see every day in 2021, especially when you spot one carrying a giant rottweiler, goggles (referred to as doggles in this case) and all. Cue Zack Marcotte, a financial advisor at Berkshire Money Management, and his dog Dexter.

You may have seen these two BFFs cruising on Zack's Royale Enfield and custom sidecar manufactured by Cozy. These two have been cruising around together since 2019, although Zack has had five-year-old Dexter since he was a pup. As you can tell from the photos and video below, Dexter loves hitting the open road with his dad!




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